ALDF is an acronym for American Lyme Disease Foundation. According to their own words they are "the best private organization-based site that can be recommended to patients for education on Lyme disease is that of the American Lyme Disease Foundation." 

In the United States you have and the Lyme Disease Association (LDA) which are both large patient organisations. The ALDF is not a patient organisation but a special interests group.

The ALDF was founded in 1994 and represents the Infectious Disease Society of America (IDSA) and its researchers. Four of its six board members sat on the IDSA guidelines panel. (Drs. Shapiro, Wormser, Krause and Fish). When Lyme patients remain ill and unable to continue with their lives, the IDSA guidelines deny further care.

The ALDF is designed to look like it is supported by grass roots participants but in practice is intended to fulfill corporate agendas and manipulate public opinion by pretending to be something else. The ALDF is not a patient advocacy organisation; it is astroturf without patient roots.