Erythema migrans

Erythema Migrans

Erythema Chronicum Migrans means chronic migrating redness. It refers to the rash that can develop in the early stage of Lyme disease. It can appear from one day to one month after the tick bite. The rash does not represent an allergic reaction but an actual skin infection with the Lyme bacteria.


The erythema migrans rash is usually 5 to 6,8cm in diameter, appearing as a annular homogeneous erythema, central redness, central clearing or central purpura. The condition can be confused with ringworm or cellulitis. Uncommonly the rash is less than 5cm in diameter. Multiple Erythema Migrans rashes may occur which indicates disseminated infection.

According to the scientific literature 70-80% of the patients develop an Erythema Migrans at the site of the tick bite. Although not all patients remember being bitten by a tick.


Classic Erythema Solid Erythema 1Solid Erythema 2
classic erythema migranssolid erythema migranssolid erythema migrans 2
Dark ErythemaSmall ErythemaMultiple Erythema
dark erythema migranssmall erythema migransmultiple erythema migrans