Patient Information

You have been diagnosed with Lyme disease or suspect you have been infected. Getting diagnosed with Lyme disease can be an overwhelming experience. You might have had negative experiences with physicians in the past. It can come as a shock that you have an infectious disease or it feels as a relief that your symptoms are finally explained.

Depending on your medical history and symptoms you might be seen by a rheumatologist, neurologist or infectious disease doctor. A specialist will try to determine whether your symptoms are caused by Lyme disease and differentiate your symptoms from other diseases.

Life-style and support

Having Lyme disease can be a lonely experience. Therefore I have gathered some websites that might help patients find support and share experience with each other.

  • Living with Lyme disease has a blog and creates podcasts about topics that deal with lifestyle and chronic illness.
  • BetterHealthGuy deals with holistic health and alternative medicine for chronic illnesses.
  • HealingWell is a support community for people living with chronic illness. It is a place where people reach out, share, support and find understanding.

For books, videos and links to patient organisations and medical organizations see our resources page.

Provider search

Some patients are told their symptoms can not be due to Lyme disease because they do not present with swollen joints, acute meningitis, Bell’s palsy or heart block and the tests for Lyme disease are not always able to pick up the disease. When your symptoms are more subjective you might get labeled with chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and/or depression.

To find the cause of your symptoms it can be helpful to consult a doctor specialized in Lyme disease and associated conditions. You can request information about doctors in your area trough the Provider Search on the ILADS website.

Symptom checklist

[wp-svg-icons icon=”file-3″ wrap=”b”] Symptom checklist

Information for physicians

[wp-svg-icons icon=”file-3″ wrap=”b”] Lyme CME , free evidence-based, AAFP-accredited courses on Lyme disease

[wp-svg-icons icon=”file-3″ wrap=”b”] Bartonella webinar for physicians by Edward B. Breitschwerdt and B. Robert Mozayeni

[wp-svg-icons icon=”volume-high” wrap=”b”] Podcast by NC State University about Bartonella with Edward B Breitschwerdt.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”file-3″ wrap=”b”] ILADS guidelines 2014

[wp-svg-icons icon=”file-3″ wrap=”b”] IDSA guidelines 2006


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