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Some families lose income due to medical expense or inability to work. Many patients experience interpersonal tensions because of inability to keep up with responsibilities. Many patients go through a period where they don’t understand what is happening to their body. The symptoms can be disturbing and unpredictable. Many patients develop trauma as the result of having one’s symptoms constantly discounted.

I remember when I first got ill with Lyme disease: I had to quit my job and deal with condescending doctors until I was finally seen by an infectious disease specialist who made the correct diagnosis. This was very a very difficult time in my life. Support from other patients gave me the feeling I was not alone. Reading the stories of other patients who went through the same as me was comforting. It made me feel I wasn’t alone. Your story can help others find hope and courage as they face the difficult circumstances that come with Lyme disease.

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Your story counts

I know that you care about other Lyme disease patients and that you don’t want others to have to suffer the horrible things you have had to endure. It is the same motivation that has driven me to create this website. I have never met a Lyme disease patient who has made a comeback of late stage Lyme disease that was not changed in positive ways by this disease. I think we have all have become more humble, compassionate and caring people. I would like you to share your story.

By sharing your story you can give meaning to what you have been through.

General outline of a story:

  • Give your story a creative title.
  • Try to make your story 2000-2500 words long.
  • When did you get infected?
  • How many doctors did you visit and how did they treat you?
  • How long did it take to get diagnosed?
  • What regular treatments have you tried?
  • What alternative treatments did you try?
  • How did these treatments help you?
  • How do you manage your chronic illness today?
  • Feel free to add a couple of photos.

When you are fully satisfied, send your story to info@lyme-basics.com

Time for review

I will take time to read your story and decide whether it is appropriate to publish on the website. Please note that it may take 2-4 weeks before you receive a reply. I will reply if I am going to publish your story and when I have edited it you’ll receive a private link with a preview to your story on the website. It will be published only after you are fully satisfied with it and have given your permission for the online publication.

I am looking forward to hear from you.